I am greatly honored to be endorsed by numerous judges and community leaders. 
Thank you.
The following is a partial list of endorsements for my candidacy for Los Angeles Country Superior Court Judge.
Elected State and Local Officials


Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles County District Attorney

Anthony Rendon, California Speaker of the Assembly

Steve Cooley, Los Angeles County District Attorney (2000 – 2012, Retired)

Robert Philibosian, Los Angeles County District Attorney (1981 – 1984)


Aide Castr, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Lynwood

Alex Saab, Mayor, City of Downey

Ana Guerrero, Chief of Staff, City of Los Angeles

Andre Quintero, Mayor, City of El Monte

Bob Henderson, Councilmember, City of Whittier

Fernando Vasquez, Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Downey

Gustavo Camacho, Councilmember, City of Pico Rivera

Joe Vinatieri, Mayor, City of Whittier

Kyle Miller, Mayor, City of La Habra Heights


California Supreme Court


Justice Carlos R. Moreno (Ret.)

Superior Court Judges
Amy Carter
Andrew Cooper

Armando Duron*

Art Lew (Ret.)

Benny Osorio

Carol Najera

Chris Frisco

Christian Gullon

Craig Veals

Cyndy Zuzga*

Daniel Zeke Zeidler

David Sotelo

Debra Cole

Drew Edwards

Eric Harmon 

Gilbert M. Lopez

Greg Roman

Hector Gutierrez

Henry J. Hall

Jaime Corral (Ret.)
J.D. Lord
Joan Chrostek
John A. Torribio
Jose A. Rodriguez*
Jose I. Sandoval
Joseph Porras
Kevin C. Brazile
Lillian Vega Jacobs
Lori Ann Fournier
Marcelita Haynes
Mark V. Mooney

Michael  L. Schuur*

Michael Cowell

Olivia Rosales

Patricia Nieto

Peter Espinoza

Phillip Soto

Raul A. Sahagun

Robert Higa


Roger Ito

Roy Delgado

Rudolph A. Diaz

Rudy Ruiz (Ret.)

Ruppert Byrdsong

Ruth Kwon

Sean Coen

Serena Murillo

Sergio Tapia

Shelley Torrealba

Stephen Marcus

Teresa Sanchez Gordon

Timothy Martella*

Tracy Silverman

Yvette Palazuelos

Yvette Verastegui

Yvonne T. Sanchez

Honorable Jackie Lacey
Los Angeles County District Attorney

Anthony Rendon

California Speaker of the Assembly

Honorable Steve Cooley
Los Angeles County District Attorney

(2000 – 2012, Retired)



*Superior Court Commissioner

Paid for by EM Aceves for Judge 2016. FPPC# 1379049.